It is your big day, and you are looking at ways to surprise your man! Go on – take the plunge and floor him.  Don’t say first impressions are the best impressions?  Not always do men prefer the meek, quiet ladies – they do like you take the chances and making the first move.  So, what are the ways you can go on to surprise your groom on your special day? Please NOT thank you wedding cards, If you are still thinking, then here are a few ideas that you can borrow:

  1. Scrapbook of love

You must have known your man for some time.  So, get going with all the photos you have of all the good times you have had.  If there are ones that you have the rough patches of the relationship, organize them as well.  This will reassure you both of what all you have sailed through, holding hands in joy, keeping your head above in tough times and still kept the relationship intact.  As you get into the next stage, record all of these pictures and make a scrapbook that you can present him on the D-day.

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